thaumatrope - Timepiece

thaumatrope – Timepiece

        This concept watch is based on the Thaumatrope, one of the first animations principles.
“A disk or card with a picture on each side is attached to two pieces of string. When the strings are twirled quickly between the fingers, the two pictures appear to combine into a single image due to the phi phenomenon and persistence of vision.”
“The bird in the cage” is a good illustration of the thaumatrope principle. When you start twirling it, the bird, which was free, appears to be trapped in the cage.
Indeed, by twirling the dial or the “cage”, it rotates in an axis engaged by the crown and allows to change the hands’ position. Time is in movement in the cage referring to the bird of the thaumatrope illusion.
The front glass and the battery cap materials are balanced in weight to guarantee a proper and smooth rotation of the dial.
The battery cap is made in silicone, a simple way to change the battery without tools and also guarantee the watch waterproof without added joint.
The clasp locks with magnets located between the screws. This magnet locking system reduces the mechanic parts to a minimum.
To keep this vision of simplicity, the hands are designed in a way that when it is o’clock, they appear to be as one.
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